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Venice is a unique city, you can observe it distractedly or you can decide to stop, live there even for a small time. The dwellings of Ca Cortigiane are located in residential neighborhoods where you can taste the Venetian daily life.We are waiting for you!!!

Francesca and Rosanna

It's like looking at the city from the inside.Francesca and Rosanna will help you to get lost, to discover the most hidden places, to look at Venice from new and different perspectives, like from the sea, in the shade of a courtyard while enjoying a glass of wine.

Our houses, small and large, are cozy, bright and cared for... houses in the heart of a city where you can dream.

Francesca and Rosanna

The girls

the staff is great. Rosanna and Francesca are genuine, fun and passionate. The apartments are quiet and clean.


The day before departure I had problems with my email and couldn't print anything. We didn't have a printout of the reservation or address. In Venice we asked for the number of the property and called Rosanna. She told us which bus and which boat to take and when we arrived at the pier, there was Rosanna waiting for us! Fantastic!!! She drove us to the B&B, gave us information about the most beautiful places to go. Rosanna was a great hostess!!!

The staff

Hostess Rosanna met me and my group at the agreed meeting point, showed us the apartment we had rented, and helped us get settled in. After unpacking, she met us again and explained in detail what to visit, recommended some restaurants, and explained some local customs. All the information provided was first class and an invaluable help for our stay in Venice. We cannot praise Rosanna enough.


Dear Francesca and Rosanna, it's a miracle to have met you! It's a miracle to be here for the third time! One miracle didn't happen: we didn't meet David. Good luck to both of you and your tourism business.


Thank you so much for all your help and for this wonderful apartment. We had a very nice time and this part of Venice was so local we loved it. Thank you so much